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Plant construction with biological expertise

As a specialist with more than 25 years of experience, we are your partner in the project planning, design and implementation of turnkey biogas plants, power-to-gas plants and gas feed-in plants. We are all about methane. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for sustainable residue recycling or an agricultural-type biogas plant, want to generate electricity with flexibility or feed your biomethane into the gas grid – methane will be your key to sustainable energy generation. We supply the complete concept for your plant – both under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2021 and outside of it.

We’ll get you off to a flying start!


Are you planning to construct a new biogas plant? At HZI Schmack, we have the all-inclusive support package you’ve been looking for!

Biogas is a key renewable source of energy alongside solar and wind. Biogas can be produced in a particularly environmentally responsible and CO₂ neutral way from sustainable waste materials that are available at a regional level. The biomass is broken down by special microorganisms into around two thirds methane, which is typically used as fuel in combined heat and power units to generate electricity and heat. As a competent partner in plant construction, HZI Schmack supplies turnkey plants. From project development through to approval planning and acceptance of the finished plant – with us, your project is in safe hands. Take advantage of our comprehensive technical and biological service and put your confidence in EUVIS, our 24-hour remote monitoring system.

Our services in detail:

  • Expert knowledge for queries relating to the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • Thorough economic consideration of the plant
  • Suitable concept for individual operation
  • Biological competence, including for complex substrate mixtures
  • Technical and biological service


Storing surplus power in the gas grid – start your energy transition with HZI Schmack as your competent plant constructor and technology partner.

Power to Gas is the conversion of electricity into hydrogen or methane, an ideal technology for integrating the electricity, heat and mobility industries. If the hydrogen produced by this process is then converted into methane (CH4) together with carbon dioxide (CO₂), it is referred to as “Power to Methane”. Potential sources of CO₂ are biogas and sewage plants or synthesis gases from industrial processes. Hydrogen is produced in an electrolyser or is also obtained from industrial processes.

Storage technologies are crucial to the success of the energy transition. Therefore, we have developed the key process BiON® for biological methanisation and successfully transferred it to industrial scale. The central step in the BiON® process is “biological methanation”. Inside the methaniser, microorganisms convert hydrogen and CO₂ into pure methane. The synthetic methane obtained in this manner can be stored in a gas tank and used when needed or injected directly into the gas grid for storage and distribution. HZI Schmack is currently constructing a biological methanation plant with an electrolysis power of 2.5 MW.

Your first step towards a power-to-gas plant – your potential analysis

Every power-to-gas project starts with an evaluation of the intended location. With our free online check, you will receive an initial assessment of the scope of your Power to Gas potential within a short time. The result shows the initial dimensioning of a Power to Gas plant and at the same time gives you an insight into the economic viability of the project.

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If you would like more details about an appropriate power-to-gas plant concept and the technical and economic feasibility, we would be happy to support you as a reliable and experienced partner. You will receive a professionally compiled feasibility study as a solid basis for further investment decisions.

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Power to Gas Solutions

Gas feed-in

Renewably generated biomethane is environmentally responsible, efficient and easy to integrate into heat concepts.

Biomethane from a biogas plant is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. The upgrading of biogas to the quality of natural gas is a prerequisite for optimum utilisation in terms of energy efficiency and economy. It enables transport within the existing regional gas grids – in highly compressed form as well as in liquid form after cooling. Benefit from our many years of expertise in gas feed-in plants starting at 150 Nm³ of biomethane for profitable feed-in. We work with you to develop concepts for trading your biomethane, and handle the project planning and the approval procedures for your feed-in plant. We also develop concepts for combining biogas plants at different locations. This way, several biogas plants can be connected to generate biomethane and jointly inject the gas produced into the gas grid.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Everything from a single source
  • Prospects for plant operation outside of the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • Support with project planning and approval


Power-to-gas plant, Allendorf

The world’s very first power-to-gas plant to operate with biological methanation was successfully commissioned in 2015. With an electrical connected load of 300 kW, the plant produces up to 15 Nm³ of methane an hour. The plant in Allendorf is certified to two standards: TÜV Süd has certified the natural gas generated by the plant as a sustainable fuel. In addition, certification has also been gained to the REDcert-EU certification standard. This certification was carried out in connection with the existing biogas plant at the location – the power-to-gas plant is an upgrading technology. The technology behind biological methanation has received awards including the Diesel Medal, the award from the German gas industry and from the German Energy Agency (dena).

Prizes & awards

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label 2021

BiON: Biological methanation – the process converts H₂ and CO₂ into 100 % renewable methane.

Diesel Medal 2017 in the “Most Sustainable Innovation Capability” category

Award winners: Dr Doris Schmack and Ulrich Schmack
Power to gas, an energy storage method based on methane gas

Special award from the German gas industry for innovation and climate protection

Biological methanation plant in Allendorf (Eder) in Hesse, Germany

2015 DENA biogas partnership of the year

Biological methanation plant in Allendorf (Eder) in Hesse, Germany